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Living another language

“DEEP DARK AFRICA”- How Africa is perceived.

If Africa was a country and had a population made up of naked women and men in war dress, getting ready to go hunting for the African delicacy which is nothing other than primate meat of some sort. Captivating at least it would be, but to visit would surely equal a near death experience at the hands of an indigenous tribe nestled away in the deep jungle. Enter the classic term “Deep Dark Africa” and your expectation would be something worthy of a Wilbur Smith novel.

Ignorance would be an apt description. Contrary to most of the western discourse of what Africa is, it’s mistaken and it is about time that a beautiful place called Africa and simultaneously home, is revealed. The focus of my blog is to open up this place I call home to others, focusing specifically on Southern Africa. Simply because I don’t know enough about what lies beyond the reach of Southern Africa to give my opinion. Therefore I wont pretend to know much about what goes on outside Southern Africa. However it is not primate eating tribes.

Living in Botswana and having been in Zimbabwe throughout school and now being in Cape Town, South Africa for university has been a true eye opener to the various cultures and dynamics at play in these countries. Not to mention having traveled across all countries in Southern Africa except Lesotho and Swaziland. I have seen a fair bit of Africa but what strikes me the most is the little knowledge South Africans have about what lies outside their borders. Cape Town is the closest to Europe, in terms of atmosphere, cultural diversity and climate, that one can get in Africa. Thus it seems that Cape Town residents seem to know the least of all South African’s and don’t seem to mind at all. Who would blame them? Knowledge is key however and it is worth knowing.

In an attempt to share my knowledge, which is not expert at any level, I will give opinion on what is worth doing and experiences in Cape Town and Botswana as well as other countries that I have visited and know anything about. This blog may be seen as a journal of experiences and opinions about them and adding a bit of current affairs to the mix and is from my point of view. This is important because each person will experience it in a different way.






A guy with a dream. Dreaming leads to new experiences if you dare chase them. Pieter van Wyk, I am from Botswana studying at University of Cape Town currently in my second year with a love for nature and traveling. Life is not about the destination but the journey.... or something along those lines.

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