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The sun couldn’t stay. The day was done!

What is your daily routine. Time spent in the office, labouring over heaps of papers and dictated by statistics. The standard office job that we strive to get one day. University, disguised by the sports, state of the art lecture theaters and the hustle and bustle of campus life. Now don’t believe what you are reading to be pessimistic. Neither is it about university or where you work. Its about seeing that life is like chart topping song. We listen, the thumping beat draws us in and the melody loosens our bodies, ooh don’t you love it. Yet the melody and the beat are only one part of the song. Listen more carefully and the words begin to stand out and that’s the real essence of the song, giving it meaning. I’m clearly not a philosopher judging by my comparison. Although the point is that we are easily caught up in the flow of the song but we don’t hear the message.

Sitting at my poorly finished, pine wood desk in my tiny box of a room, it’s 12:30 am says my watch. Around this time my thoughts get deep and with every puckering key stroke, different emotions come and go. While I hear about Justin Bieber more important matters are fighting for my attention like squabbling children with the TV remote. I find myself wondering how to escape it all. The only idea that calms my thoughts is the childish awe of adventure in all of us.

Imagine a scenario. You wake up with the sun rising over the distant ridge and chirping birds outside your window. Yet there is no time to listen because its 6:30am and you are late for work. Today is presentation day and out comes that special suit. It fits a bit more tightly than the last time you wore it but it will have to do. In the car and off to work but you miss the morning traffic because you are a legend and know a secret route. Yet your focus stays being on time and not the thrill of the adventure on your secret path. You have arrived and striding through the door and somehow there are 7 minutes left. Just enough time to sort out your desk in the office overlooking the boutique coffee shop, a story below, as the steam wafts off in the cool morning air. A glossy red envelope on the dark wooden desk stares at you. What is it. You open it, it’s a letter. Meaning of life disappears, as it reads: “your services are no longer required”. You have been made redundant! What now? Emotions are wild. But you will be payed out a considerable amount for your services to the company over the last 12 years. Where do you go from here? Either look for another job, or accept it as a challenge and opportunity? You listen to the words of the song and see the meaning of the situation. Most people would love to leave their job and discover the world, the courage is destroyed by the “what ifs”.

Lately I’ve been watching “Sailing La Vagabonde” on YouTube. Its about a young, quirky Australian couple who left their jobs to sail around the world, chasing the sunset. They hop from Island to Island, having an adventure. Although what gripped me more than the amazing scenery and adventure, is the courage it takes to leave the structure of society and having an adventure. There is so much meaning in these type of life choices, even if we don’t realise it at the time. Its definitely worth a watch.

So the point of this whole blog as it stretches into the early hours is simply to share my view of how life can be seen as there is so much more we can take advantage of in life. Sorry to every reader but YOLO! Do you agree? Any thoughts on my late night / early morning mental and emotional theft I share with you.  Lewis Carroll had it so right:

“IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make.”- Lewis Carroll

Adventure is in everything we do, every day. The sun will rise every day and today it couldn’t be more beautiful.










A guy with a dream. Dreaming leads to new experiences if you dare chase them. Pieter van Wyk, I am from Botswana studying at University of Cape Town currently in my second year with a love for nature and traveling. Life is not about the destination but the journey.... or something along those lines.

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