Starting with the Egyptians and ending with the Romans was the era of empires. Marking the start of major travel as we know it today. Way before air travel was made available humans were traveling. Okay, maybe it wasn’t to go and watch a World Cup. Although, they did travel out for the sake of discovery and conquering new lands. That sense of adventure hides deep within almost everyone. Fame and fortune were the main reasons people traveled but there is something special about not knowing what you are going to find when you come around the last bend or over the final hill before your final destination.

I am Pieter Louis van Wyk. My geographical story is diverse but I have traveled over most of the surface of Southern Africa. Originally from South Africa, I live in Botswana and for an extra twist, I spent most of my school life in Zimbabwe. Just to complete the circle I have come back to study in South Africa at the Univesity of Cape Town. That’s enough about me… Let’s talk about this Blog! After all the Blog, Pieter’s World, is and will always be for you. This blog exists to give insight into the life of an avid traveler and student with a love for adventure. The aim is to share my experiences, and thus advice, stories of interest around Southern Africa and other nonsense which will hopefully make for a good read. Although I can’t offer much info with respect to anywhere outside Southern Africa, simply because I haven’t left it yet (Sad I know!).

There is on thing I am sure about. There is a reason why people from across the world flock to all the places I have mentioned above, and it is not because of me, but I can wish. Richard Mullin shares this point of view and wrote: “The only man I envy, is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to!” The only reason is because Africa is amazing. Now it is up to you all to decide whether or not to tag along for the ride and see it through the eyes of a university student! Buckle up we are ready for take off, just remember to click FOLLOW for your tickets.





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